CMH Environmental Group, Inc.
Since 1992, Environmental Compliance and Consulting 
About Us

CMH Environmental Group, Inc. is known for loyalty, satisfaction and distinctive client serviceCMH provides technical solutions in the general engineering and contracting industries Since 1992, we have a decentralized autonomous team of project managers capable of making the correct decisions for your projects. We add value you can monetize.  

We consult on your hazardous waste releases on land, in air, soil and water. We will assist you with environmental regulatory compliance; worker protection, hazardous waste profiling; brownfield restoration; and the remediation of structures on land, soil or water. Contaminated water remediation system design, installation, and maintenance is handled through The Nature Tank Company, a division of CMH.

Excellent quality service and expertise developed through many years of "just getting in there and doing it", helped to minimize, or in most cases, eliminate the client's risk regarding environmental issues. Risk is reduced when you use our cost/benefit analysis and decision making matrices for your various alternatives. Our mission is achieved through a flexible range of feasibility characterizations for in place and above ground alternatives; hazardous waste minimization through profiling expertise.

CMH has provided contracting services for some of the largest corporations in the world but also favors working for small closely held businesses.  We have assembled an aggressive team of professionals with backgrounds in construction project management, chemical, environmental, mechanical and hydraulic engineering; geology; microbiology; and hydrogeology. Each technical team member is a real world scientist, and can effectively articulate the problem and the solution, while remaining sensitive to our number one objective, the client's best interests.  

Our philosophy is to seek biologically sound regeneration or recycling waste treatment processes on-site, and whenever possible, on site  without excavation or hauling.  Our on site processes have saved customers hundred of millions of dollars in transportation and disposal fees. We know the difference between what is real and what is wishful thinking. We have become major players in the bio-remediation business by continually keeping total job prices low without sacrificing quality. We maintain long-standing relationships with academia, scientists, regulators, and certified sub-contractors to assure a final solution at an optimal cost.

Personnel from CMH have an impressive completed project list. Acting in both the prime contractor and the sub-contractor roles, we assist  developers, land owners, marine and port contractors, industrial clients, environmental and geotechnical firms with all phases of remediation, land clearing, demolition, grading, construction and installation projects. With the efforts of CMH on a remediation project, clients can rest assured that the project will run smoothly, affectively, and on budget. We hit the mark of excellence you require.